Guadeloupe Islands

The Guadeloupe Islands

Guadeloupe Islands are a fascinating caribbean archipelago, an oversea part of France located in the Lesser Antilles chain between Montserrat, Antigua and Dominica, with each island offering travelers something different. More than 5 islands compose the Guadeloupe Islands archipelago with two main islands : Basse-Terre Island and Grande-Terre Island look like the wings of a butterfly joined together by a mangrove swamp and 2 bridges.

Adjacent islands are La Desirade with Petite Terre islets, Les Saintes (islets archipelago) and Marie Galante.

Guadeloupe Islands count 1,628 square kilometres land area for a population of about 400,000 mostly African mixed with European, Indians, Lebaneses, Syrians, Chineses and Iñeri Amerindians.

Here, official language is French but virtually the entire population speack also creole (caribbean patois).

Western of the two main islands, Basse Terre is montainous, largely covered by verdan tropical lush rainforest and crowned by…
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Les Saintes

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This small archipelago of nine ilets located to the south of Basse-Terre Island, is a volcanic archipelago fully encircled by…
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Estern of the to main islands is Grande Terre, defined by its fields of sugarcane, its rum and sugar industry…
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Island located about 8 km off the est coast of Grande-Terre, la Desirade has a land area of 7.97 sq.…
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With its almost totally flat surface of 61 sq. miles. , Marie Galante is covered with huge surfaces of sugarcane…
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